I am a new dentist
When you join a dental office, it is likely you will be asked to subscribe to CDAnet, the system that enables dentists to send patients' dental benefit claims to insurance companies electronically. The ITRANS Claims Service, used in most CDAnet offices, complements CDAnet by enabling claims to be transmitted securely on the Internet. Follow these steps to subscribe to CDAnet and the ITRANS Claim Service.

I am a dentist
When you sign in, you will be prompted to upgrade your account so you can use the new Practice Support Services website. If you have never signed in to the CDA website, and you did not receive a letter from CDA with an "Express Code", call CDA to receive your Express Code. If you have an express code, enter it here and proceed with account validation. Video demonstration.

I am an office staff member
The dentist(s) who owns the office can set you up so you can sign in to the CDA website and manage the office information related to CDAnet and electronic claims, including adding dentists to the office and downloading the CDA Digital ID for dentists (with their permission).

Letter from CDA not received
With the exception of some dentists in Ontario, CDA sent letters to all dentists about the new Practice Support Services website. Because Ontario has so many dentists, the letters are being sent in batches—this will be complete by mid-July. Sometimes the address CDA has is not current. The other necessary information is the dentist's unique Express Code. Please contact CDA to retrieve an Express Code.

Contact CDA
Practice Support Services Help Desk: 1-866-788-1212
(Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)
Email: pss@cda-adc.ca
Fax: 1-613-523-7070