With the CDA Secure Send mobile app, dentists and the dental team can access CDA Secure Send messages, send and receive referrals and patient data securely (including X-rays) with only a few taps on your device. The mobile app employs the same reliable and easy-to-use system that the desktop version of CDA Secure Send is known for.

The English version of the app is now available for download. The French version is currently being developed.

How it works

Conveniently snap photos and send patient data files directly from your smartphone or tablet to any licensed dentist or registered staff in Canada, safely and securely. The CDA Secure Send mobile app enables you to:

  • take a picture using your smartphone or tablet and securely send it to a colleague
  • conveniently access your CDA Secure Send messages from another platform
  • use biometrics, such as your fingerprint or Face ID, to access your accounts.

Safeguard patient information

The CDA Secure Send mobile app meets the legal obligations to safeguard the confidentiality of patient data when sending patient information, such as X-rays, electronically. Connected to CDA's directory of dentists, senders can search for dentists by name, specialty or location. It's as simple and quick as sending an email.

The preferred method

CDA Secure Send continues to steadily replace e-mail as the preferred electronic communication method in Canadian dental offices to share patient information electronically, securely and efficiently. For more information about CDA Secure Send, see these Frequently Asked Questions.

Download now: available on iOS and Android