Like many Canadians, the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) is devastated by the conflict that continues to unfold in Ukraine. CDA’s sincere thoughts and empathy are with those who are experiencing the most unimaginable loss, fear and bravery during this time of crisis, including all those who are evacuating for safety, staying behind in the line of duty to defend their freedom and rights, and organizations and individuals who are helping tirelessly on and behind the scenes.

CDA expresses our solidarity with the Government of Canada in condemning the unwarranted and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. CDA acknowledges the fear, sadness and uncertainty Ukrainian communities across Canada must be experiencing. These difficult and stressful times are impacting not only those with Ukrainian roots here in Canada, but also friends, family and partners in health care such as the Canadian and global dental profession and many others.

For individuals or businesses that would like to help, below are links to areas of need for donations. The list also includes supports to help you cope with the crisis or mitigate any internet security risks.

CDA reminds dentists and dental office staff to please be on high alert for possible internet security risks and phishing scams. During times of global crisis and emergency, cybercriminals especially like to exploit the accompanying chaos, stress and grief that difficult situations may bring, preying on individuals’ heightened vulnerability. There are several things dental professionals can do to protect against online risks. For more information on what you can do to protect yourself and your patients’ personal health information, please see Internet Security Tips for Dental Offices below.

Helpful Links:

Financial Donations:

Emergency and Immigration Contacts:

Emergency contact information for Canadians
Phone: +1 613-996-8885
SMS: +1 613-686-3658
WhatsApp: 613-909-8881

New immigration measures:
Phone: +1 613-321-4243 (collect calls accepted)
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Registration of Canadians Abroad:

Mental Health and Wellness:

Wellness Together Canada:
Mental Health and Substance Use Support
Free and virtual, 24/7

For Dentists and Dental Offices:

Mental Health and Wellness Supports
CDSPI Members’ Assistance Program (MAP):
Phone: +1 844-578-4040
LifeWorks 24/7 Crisis Support Line:
+1 844-751-2133

Internet Security Tips for Dental Offices
Tips to Spot Phishing

Travel Advisories:

Government of Canada
COVID-19 and International Travel

Last updated: March 3, 2022