The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) supports community water fluoridation, as recommended by Health Canada, because communities with optimal levels of fluoride in their drinking water experience less caries (i.e., tooth decay). Based on available evidence, community water fluoridation is safe, effective and economical. CDA recognizes and supports the need for continued research related to the optimal level of fluoride in drinking water for Canadian communities that provides protection from dental decay while minimizing the potential to contribute to dental fluorosis, a condition that can change the appearance of the tooth enamel.

To support and facilitate this important work, CDA recommends that:

  • The federal government conduct periodic oral health surveys, such as the Canadian Health Measures Survey 2007-2009, every 10 years. This ensures that progress in improvement of the oral health of Canadians and the effectiveness of population-based measures, such as community water fluoridation, can be considered.
  • Regular reviews of emerging evidence are undertaken on community water fluoridation from high-quality original studies, systematic reviews or meta-analyses.

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CDA Board of Directors
Approved: February 2021