Three areas guide CDA’s work: 

Knowledge: CDA captures, organizes and disseminates information about oral health and the dental profession through channels such as:

  • CDA Essentials, the CDA’s official print publication dedicated to keeping dentists informed about news, issues and clinically relevant information.
  • CDA Oasis, a digital hub where Canadian dentists can find answers to clinical questions and get the latest information on issues related to the dentistry, dental technology and industry news.
  • Position Statements about issues that affect oral health and the practice of dentistry. CDA’s position statements are aimed at providing dentists and the public with clarification on important issues that have varying viewpoints.
  • CDA website and our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Advocacy: CDA lobbies the federal government on issues facing oral health care and the dental profession. CDA's primary advocacy tools include government relations, media relations, and public education.

Practice Support Services: CDA supports dentists who are members of the provincial and territorial dental associations (Corporate Members) and Affiliate Members with a range of practice support services and programs that help ensure dentists are efficient, secure and compliant when sending e-claims, e-referrals and when sharing patient records electronically.