Dental lasers are a subset of medical lasers. The Canadian Dental Association recognizes the potential of medical lasers for intraoral applications. Dental practitioners choosing to employ medical lasers must take responsibility for the efficacy of the chosen equipment, for establishing a physical site and appropriate procedures that will ensure the safe use of the equipment and for assuring that his/her clinical skills are sufficient for the safe and efficacious use of the equipment.

Medical lasers are a method of delivering controlled amounts of energy to carefully limited areas. The energy is used for the purpose of changing the state of hard and soft tissues and dental restorative materials.

Dental practitioners should be properly trained in the use of this equipment because of the inherent risk connected with its improper use. Educational requirements for the use of lasers in dental offices and facilities should be such that proper and safe use of this equipment is assured, and should include theoretical training, clinical training, and a meaningful examination to ensure competence.

CDA Board of Directors
Approved: February 2005