The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) is the national voice for dentistry, dedicated to the promotion of optimal oral health – an essential component of general health – and to the advancement and leadership of a unified profession.

Corporate Members

CDA is a federation of Canada’s provincial and territorial dental associations (PDAs), representing over 21,000 practicing dentists from coast to coast to coast. This federated model has been in place since 2011. The Corporate Members are the 10 PDAs that have joined CDA, which include:

  • Alberta Dental Association and College;
  • British Columbia Dental Association;
  • Manitoba Dental Association;
  • New Brunswick Dental Society;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association;
  • Northwest Territories and Nunavut Dental Association / Yukon Dental Association;
  • Nova Scotia Dental Association;
  • Ontario Dental Association;
  • Dental Association of Prince Edward Island; and,
  • The College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

Currently, membership in the PDAs is automatic in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec. However, with the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) being a Corporate Member of CDA, dentists in Ontario who join the ODA also enjoy access to CDA’s programs and services.

Affiliate Members of CDA: An Invitation to Quebec Dentists

While the Quebec Dental Surgeons Association (QDSA) is not a Corporate Member of CDA, dentists in Quebec can join CDA as affiliate (individual) members upon paying an annual fee, and enjoy the many benefits a CDA membership has to offer.

CDA at Work

CDA serves its Corporate Members through the provision of information and knowledge, primarily in the areas of science and clinical dentistry. CDA continues to play a role in other areas where the issues are interprovincial, or where economies of scale make it logical for CDA to run certain programs. CDA delivers these programs to individual dentists through its Corporate Members.

CDA Activities and Benefits

CDA's primary activities centre around practice support, knowledge, and advocacy. The benefit of our efforts accrues to the profession and to the public, not just our Corporate Members. Read more below!

Practice Support Services

CDA provides dentists with services that help them to be efficient, secure, and compliant with sending e-claims and sharing patient records electronically instead of e-mail or fax. These services are available at no additional cost to members of CDA, either through their PDA membership or as affiliate members in Quebec.

  • CDAnet and CDA ITRANS Claims Service: CDAnet and ITRANS are used by Canadian dentists to submit e-claims to claim processors on behalf of their patients in a secure and efficient manner. CDAnet and ITRANS can be accessed through your CDA-certified practice management software. Subscription is easy and can be completed by accessing your CDA Practice Support Service account. Dentists using CDAnet and ITRANS also enjoy access to a dedicated technical support team that are available from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.
  • CDA Secure Send: CDA Secure Send is an easy, simple-to-use system that allows dentists to exchange messages and patient documents in a secure and compliant manner. There are no restrictions on the number of staff that can have access, and individual documents up to 2GB in size can be sent. Access to CDA Secure Send is available through your CDA Practice Support Services account.


CDA acts as a knowledge broker to facilitate consensus on the issues that directly affect the profession. CDA captures, organizes, and disseminates the relevant knowledge and information to Corporate Members and key stakeholders.

CDA Knowledge Networks produces several knowledge products which connect Canadian dentists to clinically related news and professional issues, along with information about CDA initiatives. These communication vehicles are credible sources of information about developments affecting the dental profession.

  • CDA Essentials / L’essentiel de l’ADC ( the official print publication of CDA, providing dialogue between the national association and the dental community. The magazine is published eight times per year (in English and French) and is dedicated to keeping dentists informed about news, issues and clinically relevant information. The magazine is sent to 17,500+ dentists.
  • CDA Oasis ( a digital hub where Canadian dentists can find answers to their clinical questions. Dentists can also get the latest information on issues related to the profession, where they can voice their experiences, and learn more about the latest dental technology and industry news.
  • (Journal of the Canadian Dental Association at Canada’s online, open access, peer-reviewed dental journal, publishing original research articles and comprehensive review articles, with a link to Canadian research.
  • CDA Oasis Bulletin: a weekly email newsletter that updates dentists on CDA’s knowledge products. It also contains relevant national and international dental news and updates. This Bulletin is sent to 11,500+ Canadian dentists, on a request basis.


CDA lobbies the federal government on issues facing the profession, influencing outcomes that protect, promote, and advance the dental profession. CDA's primary tools are government relations, media relations, and public education.

Through its committees and participation on international bodies, CDA collects, analyses, and communicates information to help dentists make informed decisions about the delivery of patient care. On behalf of Canadian dentists, CDA advocates for better access to dental care for all persons in Canada, and promotes dentistry as an essential health care profession.

CDA Public Programs for Improved Oral Health

CDA operates programs aimed at the public, including the following:

  • CDA Seal Program: The CDA Seal Program independently validates specific oral health benefit claims made by the manufacturer of a product. To obtain the CDA Seal for a product, manufacturers are required to state the oral health benefit(s) that they wish to have validated by CDA, and submit evidence to support their claim. Not all claims submitted for the CDA Seal meet CDA’s rigorous requirements.
  • Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) Program: The DAT is designed to help students assess their aptitude for a career in dentistry and to assist dental schools in selecting first-year students.

These activities are intended to meet a public purpose and accrue to all members collectively. They may also involve investigations, conciliations, or the need to resolve issues of concern to Corporate Members and the profession.

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