1. Prior to the commencement of the DAT examination series, all candidates will sign the Acknowledgement and Agreement Form indicating that they have read and understood the DAT Rules and Notice and agree to be bound by the same. Any candidate who refuses to sign the Dental Aptitude Test Acknowledgement and Agreement form shall not be permitted to participate in the subject examination.
  2. All candidates shall obey the instructions of the test administrator/proctor regarding the seating of candidates, the conduct of and the time constraints of the tests and the treatment of test materials and documents and shall return all test materials and documents before leaving the examination area.
  3. Candidates must not attempt to obtain test answers from any other candidate during the test.
  4. Candidates shall not knowingly assist any other candidate in answering the examinations and shall take all reasonable precautions necessary to prevent his or her answers from being seen by any other candidate.
  5. It is the responsibility of the candidates to advise the test administrator/proctor immediately of the existence of test conditions that are inadequate to protect test security or otherwise unacceptable to the candidate. Failure to complain, will result in the assumption that test conditions were adequate. No complaint will be entertained relating to test conditions after the test.
    • In order to talk with the test administrator/proctor regarding a breach of test security or emergency, the candidate is advised to gain the test administrator/proctor's attention in a way that does not disrupt or disturb the other candidates. The test administrator/proctor will only deal with issues that involve a breach of security or emergency and will not comment or provide assistance with respect to the test contents. A recommended method would be for a candidate to remain quiet and seated while holding their arm in a raised position until a test administrator/proctor comes to their assistance.
  6. No candidate shall talk or make distracting noises during the tests.


Candidates are required to adhere to all rules and instructions pertaining to the administration of the Dental Aptitude Test. Candidates shall conduct themselves honestly and ethically in all matters relating to the tests. If any misconduct or irregularity is detected either before, during or after the tests (i.e., during the scoring of the tests), those involved will have their test scores voided and all dental schools to which they have applied will be advised of the circumstances surrounding the voiding of their scores. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all written portions of the DAT examination may be computer analyzed for cheating and the Canadian Dental Association has the right in its sole discretion not to release any candidate's scores which are brought into question as a result of this computer analysis. In addition, if any candidate is in breach of the above rules, the Canadian Dental Association may refuse to permit the candidate to participate in any subsequent examination for a period of fifteen (15) months after such breach. Misconduct or irregularity shall include, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following conduct:

  • Impersonation of another or allowing yourself to be impersonated in the DAT; including taking the DAT; switching of DAT answer sheets with another; taking the DAT for purposes other than applying to dental school;
  • Copying on, or other forms of cheating on, the DAT;
  • Copying of DAT answers from other candidates;
  • Allowing other candidates to copy your DAT answers by not adequately protecting your answers;
  • Providing assistance or information to other candidates during the DAT ;
  • Working, marking, erasing, reading, or turning pages on sections of the DAT during unauthorized times;
  • Obtaining advance access to DAT materials;
  • Sharing of remembered DAT questions or answers;
  • Theft of DAT materials;
  • Unauthorized possession and/or distribution of DAT materials;
  • Possession and/or submission of unauthorized materials during the DAT;
  • Information indicating that a candidate has engaged in misconduct or violation of the DAT Rules;
  • Any other information indicating a candidate's DAT score may not be valid; and
  • Any breach of the DAT Rules, test instructions or procedures;