Dental Aptitude Test

The Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) Program is conducted by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) to help students assess their aptitude for a career in dentistry and to assist dental schools in selecting first-year students.

The English DAT consists of two components: 1) a written component that includes a Survey of Natural Sciences Test, a Perceptual Ability Test, and a Reading Comprehension Test and 2) a manual dexterity component known as the Manual Dexterity Test (MDT). There is no Reading Comprehension Test on the French DAT.

It is important to understand that from 2021 onwards, registration for the written DAT component is separate from registration for the MDT component, and these components are administered separately during different sessions. The DAT registration for 2021 is for the written component only, and currently there is no MDT administration planned for 2021.

All important information needed to register for the DAT is provided in the DAT Information section. Applicants should review this information before beginning the registration process.

Learn more about important DAT dates.

Manual Dexterity Test

The MDT is optional as some dental schools do not use these test results. It is your responsibility to check with the school(s) you are interested in applying to, and to understand their admission requirements.

MDT in 2021

Candidates need to register for the MDT component separately from the written component of the DAT. Currently there is no MDT administration planned for 2021.

Information about the administration of the MDT for future sessions will be posted as information becomes available.