Dr. Jeffrey Myers, Dr. John Eisner, and Dr. Jack Gerrow From left: Dr. Jeffrey Myers, ACFD president; Dr. John Eisner, 2012 ACFD Distiguised Service Award recipient; Dr. Jack Gerrow, recipient of the inaugural ACFD Distinguished Service Award in 2011.

The Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry (ACFD) Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. John Eisner in March 2012 in recognition for his significant contribution to dental education.

Dr. Eisner has been actively involved in dental education since the late 1970s when he joined Dalhousie University as associate professor of pediatric and community dentistry, and associate dean for academic affairs. He was responsible for the design and implementation of the faculty of dentistry's curriculum and new clinical information system.

Dr. Eisner later participated in the development of a computerized oral health record system and a software program to improve admission processes—which is now used by thousands of health schools and programs. More recently, he created an accreditation management system that was adopted by numerous accrediting agencies and educational associations.

A 1968 DDS graduate of University of Alberta, Dr. Eisner received his PhD in education from the University of Michigan in 1976.

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