Medal of Honour - Past Recipients (Since 2009)

The Medal of Honour is the pinnacle award of the Association. Its purpose is to recognize an individual who has given extraordinary service to the profession and to the Canadian Dental Association, resulting in significant change. This award is intended to recognize outstanding service, leadership and humanitarianism at the local, provincial, national and international level. Recipients must be dentists and must be members of the Canadian Dental Association.

Due to the distinctive and special nature of this award, there is no requirement for the award to be given in any one year. Only one award will be given at any one time, and it is suggested that only two awards will be given within any five-year period. There will only be 10 living recipients holding this award at any one time. The award will only be given to living recipients and not posthumously.

Medal of Honour (Since 2009)
2021/2022 Dr. John O’Keefe (Ottawa, Ontario)
2020/2021 Dr. Ron Smith (Duncan, British Columbia)
2019/2020 Dr. Patrick Ralph Crawford (Delta, British Columbia)
2018/2019 Dr. Alastair Nicoll (Fernie, British Columbia)
2016/2017 Dr. Marcia Boyd (Vancouver, British Columbia)
2015/2016 Dr. Ken Bentley (Lacolle, Quebec)
2014/2015 Dr. Gordon Thompson (Edmonton, Alberta)
2013/2014 Dr. George Zarb (Toronto, Ontario)
2010/2011 Dr. David Precious (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
2009/2010 Dr. Burton Conrod - (Sydney, Nova Scotia)