This award may be given to a dentist or other person to recognize either an outstanding contribution in a given year, or outstanding service over a number of years. It may also recognize outstanding contributions to the dental profession at the academic level, corporate level, specialty society, council, commission or committee level.

Distinguished Service Award - Past Recipients (Since 1976)
2023/2024 Dr. Martin Gillis (Liverpool, NS)
  Dr. Jennifer MacLellan (Halifax, NS)
  Dr. Nathalie Morin (Montreal, QC)
2021/2022 Dr. William Hettenhausen (Thunder Bay, Ontario)
2020/2021 Dr. Aaron Burry (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. Reginald Goodday (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Tom Raddall (Liverpool, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Bernie White (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
2019/2020 Dr. Anne Dale (Toronto, Ontario)
  Dr. Eric Hatfield (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Dennis Lanigan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  Dr. Robert Loney (Bedford, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Mel Schwartz (Montreal, Quebec)
2018/2019 Dr. Jack Cottrell (Port Perry, Ontario)
  Dr. Alfred Dean (New Waterford, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Paul Kavanagh (Montreal, Quebec)
2017/2018 Dr. Ross Anderson (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Clive Friedman London, Ontaio
  Dr. John Palmer Abbotsford, British Columbia
  Dr. Bruce Ward Vancouver, British Columbia
2016/2017 Dr. Don Friedlander (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. Jack Gerrow (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. John O'Keefe (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Dr. Benoit Soucy (Ottawa, Ontario)
2015/2016 Dr. Susan Sutherland (Toronto, Ontario)
2014/2015 Dr. Blaine Cleghorn (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  Dr. Amil Shapka (St. Paul, Alberta)
2013/2014 Dr. Louis Dubé (Sherbrooke, QC)
  Dr. Walter Dobrovolsky (Edmonton, AB)
  Ms. Susan Matheson (Ottawa, ON)
2012/2013 Dr. Colin Dawes (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  Dr. Saida Rasul (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  Dr. Jocelyn Pearce (posthumously)
2011/2012 Dr. Phillip Poon (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  Dr. Geoff Smith (St. John's, Newfoundland)
2010/2011 Ms. Barbara Wishart (Scotchtown, New Brunswick)
  Dr. Donald Cunningham (Guelph, Ontario)
  Dr. Richard Ellen (Toronto, Ontario)
2009/2010 Dr. James Leake - Kingston, Ontario
  Dr. Peter Stevenson-Moore - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. Robert Sexton - Cornerbrook, Newfoundland
2008/2009 Dr. R. John McComb - Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Trey L. Petty - Calgary, Alberta
Dr. Richard Vaughn Tucker - Ferndale, Washington
2007/2008 Mr. Kingsley Butler - Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Christopher Robinson - Edmonton, Alberta
  Dr. Wayne Pulver - Willowdale, Ontario
  Mr. Joel Neal - Ottawa, Ontario
2006/2007 Dr. Robert (Mac) Balfour - Oakville, Ontario
  Dr. Johann de Vries - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Robert Salois - Montréal, Quebec
2005/2006 Dr. Gérald E. Albert - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Robert (Rick) E. Hallett - Kamloops, British Columbia
  Prof. Keith C. Titley - Toronto, Ontario
2004/2005 Dr. Peter Fendrich - London, Ontario
  Dr. Claude Lamarche - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Michael A. Lasko - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2003/2004 Dr. (Col) John R. Currah - Ottawa, Ontario
  Dr. Gilles Dubé - Lachute, Quebec
  Mr. Brian Henderson - Perth, Ontario
2002/2003 Dr. Guy Maranda - Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, Quebec
  Dr. Donald Bonang - Seabright, Nova Scotia
  Mr. Jardine Neilson - Langley, British Columbia
2001/2002 Dr. Luc Dugal - Calgary, Alberta
  Dr. Denis Forest - Ste Marceline, Quebec
  Dr. Douglas B. Smith - Belleville, Ontario
2000/2001 Dr. Jean-Yves Turcotte - Ste-Foy, Quebec
  Dr. Stephane Schwartz - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Brian Barrett - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
1999/2000 Dr. Daniel Pelland - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Marcia Boyd - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Ms. Linda Teteruck - Ottawa, Ontario
1998/1999 Dr. Les S. Allen - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. George S. Beagrie - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. Pierre Desautels - Montréal, Quebec
1997/1998 Dr. George Burgman - Niagara Falls, Ontario
  Dr. Donald W. Lewis - Toronto, Ontario
  Mr. Don Pamenter - Halifax, Nova Scotia
1996/1997 Dr. Derek Jones - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Dr. Jack Niedermayer - Regina, Saskatchewan
1995/1996 Dr. Michel Jahjah - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Dennis C. Smith - Collingwood, Ontario
  Dr. James Wright - Kingston, Ontario
1994/1995 Dr. Gordon Thompson - Edmonton, Alberta
  Dr. G. Roy Thordarson - West Vancouver, British Columbia
1993/1994 Dr. John R. Robertson - Summerside, Prince Edward Island
  Dr. Harry Rosen - Montréal, Quebec
  Dr. Melvin Charendoff - Toronto, Ontario
1992/1993 Dr. Michael Cripton - Moncton, New Brunswick
  Dr. Pierre-Yves Lamarche - Laval, Quebec
  Mr. Ross McIntyre - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Donald Woodside - Toronto, Ontario
1991/1992 Dr. John Durran - Ancaster, Ontario
  Mr. John Gillies - Toronto, Ontario
  Dr. Kenneth F. Pownall - Etibicoke, Ontario
  Dr. George Zarb - Toronto, Ontario
1990/1991 Dr. Louis Bernier - Quebec, Quebec
  Dr. Donald MacFarlane - Vancouver, British Columbia
  Dr. George Peacock - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1989/1990 Dr. Kenneth Bentley - Lacolle, Quebec
  Dr. Arthur Schwartz - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Dr. Thomas E. (Ted) Ramage - Madeira Park, British Columbia
  Dr. Donald Steeves
1988/1989 No recipient
1987/1988 Dr. James D. MacLean
1986/1987 No recipient
1985/1986 Dr. Arthur Wood - Mississauga, Ontario
1984/1985 Mr. Murray McDonald
1983/1984 Dr. Doug J. Yeo - Comox, British Columbia
1982/1983 Mr. Henry Thornton
1981/1982 Dr. R.A. Gray
  Mrs. Edith Schmidt
1977-1980 No recipient
1976/1977 Mr. M.E. Bower