2018-2019 CDA Board of Directors

The following members will hold office as directors on the CDA Board of Directors for the 2018-2019 term of office:


President: Dr. Mitch Taillon   President-Elect Dr. Alexander Mutchmor
  Dr. Mitch Taillon
  Dr. Alexander Mutchmor
Vice-President: Dr. James Armstrong     Dr. Joel Antel
  Dr. James Armstrong
    Dr. Joel Antel
  Dr. Roger Armstrong     Dr. Linda Blakey
  Dr. Roger Armstrong
Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon
    Dr. Linda Blakey
  Dr. Heather Carr     Dr. Tobin Doty
  Dr. Heather Carr
Nova Scotia
    Dr. Tobin Doty
  Dr. Richard Holden     Dr. Lynn Tomkins
  Dr. Richard Holden
Prince Edward Island
    Dr. Mike Prestie
  Dr. Lynn Tomkins     Dr. Daniel Violette
  Dr. Lynn Tomkins
    Dr. Daniel Violette
New Brunswick
  Mr. Claude Paul Boivin      
  Mr. Claude Paul Boivin
(non-voting director ex officio)