December 22, 2014
Alleged Dental Student Social Media Activities at Dalhousie University

October 29, 2014
Ten Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween from Dietitians, Dentists and Paediatricians


October 17, 2013
Visit to Dentist Within Baby's First Year Key to Preventing Childhood Caries


May 18, 2012
National Health Organizations Call On Minister Kenney To Rescind Planned Cancellation Of Health Benefits To Refugee Claimants

April 17, 2012
The Federal Government Slashes Funding For Tobacco Control

January 17, 2012
Health groups call for federal action on kid-friendly tobacco novelties.


April 5, 2011
April is National Oral Health Month™

January 10, 2011
Canadian Dentists Support Water Fluoridation