The Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award is bestowed in appreciation for exemplary contribution to Canadian dentistry.

Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award - Past Recipients (Since 1989)
2017/2018 Ms. Susan Armstrong (Toronto, Onatio)
2012/2013 Mr. Lyle Best (Edmonton, Alberta)
2010/2011 Mr. Tom Clift (St. John's, Newfoundland)
2009/2010 Mr. Ken Dickson (North Vancouver, BC)
  AboutFace International Toronto, Ontario
2008/2009 Dairy Farmers of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
  Johnson & Johnson Markham, Ontario
2007/2008 Mr. George Rhodes - York (USA), Pennsylvania
2006/2007 Ms. Michele Christl - Oral-B Professional Products Group, Oral-B Canada
2005/2006 Mrs. Guylaine McCallum - Ottawa, ON
2004/2005 Colgate Palmolive - Toronto, Ontario
2003/2004 Prof. Abbyann Day Lynch - Toronto, ON
2002/2003 Ms. Eva Young - Mississauga, ON
2000-2001/2002 No recipient
1999/2000 Dr. Carlo Di Fonzo
1998/1999 No recipient
1997/1998 Dr. John Zapp - Chicago, Illinois (USA)
1996/1997 Mr. Hyo Maier
1995/1996 No recipient
1994/1995 Mr. Michel Hart - Maple, Ontario
1991-1993/1994 No recipient
1990/1991 Mr. Burton Borgelt
1989/1990 Dr. Tom Ginley