Important notice: Due to the limited number of seats available for this DAT session, and regardless of the availability of many different DAT testing dates and facilities, candidates must register ONLY ONCE for one facility and one test day and time. If a candidate registers more than once, the second and any subsequent registrations will automatically be cancelled by the DAT Office without any notice.

Applicants are encouraged to write the DAT well in advance of applying to dental school (e.g. no later than the November test session of the year preceding application to dental school[s]).

DAT online registrations must be submitted on or before the deadline date of September 30 (23:59:59 EST) for the November DAT.

Registration fees can be found here.

Results from the DAT will be available 3 weeks following the date of the exam.   It is very important that you verify the admission deadlines of your dental schools of choice, since in many cases the February DAT results will be too late for consideration in that year's admission process, and could compromise admission to dental school.

Overview of the DAT Process

DAT online registrations must be completed in full and submitted to the DAT Office on or before the registration deadline for the corresponding test date. Please ensure you accurately complete all portions of the application.

During registration, indicate all of the dental schools you would like to have your DAT scores sent to. Up to 5 official transcripts of your DAT scores are included in the DAT registration fee (and one personal copy); however, they are only included if they are selected at the time of registration. You can select more than 5 schools to receive your transcripts; however, there is a transcript fee for each additional school (including any additional personal copies). See the DAT Fees section for more information.

Applicants may have DAT transcripts sent to additional schools at another date; however, an administration fee is charged for transcript requests submitted after registration.

Because dental schools only accept the official transcripts sent directly from the DAT Office, and because an administration fee is charged for transcript requests submitted after registration, you are advised to carefully select all of the dental schools that are to receive your transcript whether you have completed an admissions application to those schools or not.

Once your registration has been processed, the DAT Office will send you a DAT receipt indicating that you have been officially registered for the DAT. The letter confirms the location, time and date of the exam. DAT materials ordered at the time of registration are sent separately and will be shipped as soon as your order is processed.

On the day of the exam, you must present 2 pieces of government-issued identification (see the Test Centre Regulations section for more information).

Following the exam, all completed score sheets and carvings from across Canada are forwarded to the DAT Office for scoring. Once scored, the DAT Office sends you a copy of your test results (the student transcript), and also sends your DAT transcripts to each of the dental school(s) indicated on your registration form or requested thereafter.

Regulations and Procedures for DAT Registration

  1. Applications are accepted online only. Applicants should consider the registration email receipt as verification that the DAT office has received their registration.
  2. Registration fees must be paid at time of registration. Payment must be by VISA or MasterCard.
    Fees are not refundable or transferable. Applicants are required to submit a new application and fee for each exam. Applicants who do not appear for a scheduled exam will not be refunded their testing fee nor will they be assigned to an alternate testing session.
  3. There is no limit on the number of times you can write the DAT. However, only the results of the most recent DAT written, along with the total number of times written, will be reported on the official DAT transcript. Applicants who want the results of a previous DAT sent to one or more faculties of dentistry must make such a request online.
  4. It is the responsibility of the applicant to clearly and accurately complete all portions of the online application. Applicants are urged to verify all personal information entered, and to carefully indicate the desired testing period, testing centre and language preference for writing the DAT exam. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  5. Applicants should ensure they accurately input their name and address on the application as well as in any correspondence sent to the DAT Office. Once an application is received and formally processed by the DAT Office, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the applicant. Receipt of this email confirms that the applicant is registered for the test. If an email is not received, we suggest to make sure to check all email folders in case the email was filtered. We also suggest that you verify that the charge was processed on your credit card. Please keep a copy of this email for your records.
    A week prior to the test date, another reminder email is sent to all applicants with the following information:
    • Applicant's unique DAT ID number
    • Applicant's registered test date
    • Time and location of test
    • Instructions for the day of the test.
    Please notify the DAT Office in writing (email, fax or regular mail) of any change of name or address. Once assigned a DAT ID number, applicants must include this number in all correspondence sent to the DAT Office.
    Applicants are advised to keep a copy of any other correspondence they may have with the DAT Office and the admission offices of the dental schools to which they have applied.
  6. Applicants should note that the English-language exam contains a Reading Comprehension Test, while the French-language DAT does not. Applicants should ensure that this variation in the examination is acceptable to their selected faculties of dentistry.
  7. Requests for changes in test centre assignment will not be accepted after the registration deadline. When you register you reserve a seat at one test centre. You cannot register more than once- subsequent registrations will be cancelled.
  8. During registration, indicate all of the dental schools you would like to have your DAT scores sent to. Up to 5 official transcripts of your DAT scores are included in the DAT registration fee (and one personal copy). You can select additional schools to receive your transcripts, however, there is a transcript fee for each additional school. See the DAT Fees section for more information.
  9. Requests to delete any dental schools selected on the application must be submitted in writing to the DAT Office via email, fax, or regular mail. Schools can be removed from the applicant's list before transcripts are mailed to dental schools; however, there is no refund for the deleted school(s).
  10. Applicants are  required to read the DAT Rules and DAT Notice on the  Acknowledgement and Agreement Form  of the Dental Aptitude Test. At the time of testing, applicants will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have read and understand these Rules and Notice and agree to abide by them.