Volume 10 • 2023 • Issue 1

PREVENTIVE RESTORATIVE COSMETIC 100% Your care - powered by the SUN & WI ND Enacting our mission to use sustainable business practices. comes from renewable sources through MG&E’s “Green Power for Tomorrow” of our electricity You can learn more about the Green Power Tomorrow program at www.mge.com/environment Recently, Artisan Dental decided to offset 20% more carbon that it produces. “I think of it as pulling down carbon that we produced years ago,” Andersen says. He feels that becoming carbon neutral has helped build relationships with patients and teams members. “Caring about the environment is a value that we share. It brings us together.” What’s next? “I want to talk to others in the dental community about how going carbon neutral creates benefits, both in the short- and long-term,” Andersen says. “I’m excited for the time when taking responsibility for our carbon emissions goes to scale and becomes a norm. The tools are out there and the process is getting easier every year.” To learn more about achieving carbon neutrality in a dental practice, contact Artisan Dental at scottandersen@tds.net Sign displayed at the front desk. 22 | 2023 | Issue 1 Issues and People