Volume 10 • 2023 • Issue 1

Aluminum chloride-based – for a clean and dry sulcus Unit dose with extra-long, thin and flexible tip – for hygienic, simple and precise application into the sulcus 2-Stage Viscosity – initially flowable for easy, low-force application, then stabilizes for optimal retraction Turquoise blue color – contrasts well with the gingiva Rinseable Removal – for quick clean-up without staining Up to 50% faster – compared to just cord VOCO Canada · toll-free 1-888-658-2584 · Fax 905-824-2788 · infousa@voco.com · www.voco.com VOCO Retraction Paste Astringent paste for the effective temporary retraction and moisture management of the gingival sulcus Call 1-888-658-2584 NEW The cord in the capsule! The tip: designed for application into the sulcus!