Volume 9 • 2022 • Issue 6

© 2022 Garrison Dental Solutions, LLC Mention Code ADCACDA1222 150 DeWitt Lane Spring Lake, MI USA 49456 To order: Contact your authorized Garrison Dealer or call toll free 888.437.0032 or online at www.garrisondental.com ORDER TODAY! 888.437.0032 or contact your authorized Garrison dealer. When designand function come together… youget FUSION! Tight contacts – guaranteed! Superior tooth separation force through advanced engineering and material selection guarantees perfect contacts every time. Ideal anatomy! Soft-Face™ silicone ring tips with enhanced marginal ridge anatomy hug the pre-contoured dead-soft matrices to the tooth for flash free, perfectly contoured restorations. Simplified technique! Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ is packed with features like easy ring stacking, over-thewedge placement and Ultra-Grip™ antiring slip extensions that make system use intuitive and frustration free. Wider indications, wider smiles! Dentistry’s first Wide Preparation separator ring (green) makes Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ the most versatile and user-friendly sectional matrix system available. The Wide Prep ring greatly simplifies what until now has been one of the most challenging posterior composite restorations. Now you can restore these big preps with confidence knowing that you will achieve excellent contact and contour without having to take extra steps. Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ Sectional Matrix System Soft-Face™ silicone tips with enhanced marginal ridge anatomy $313/pk FX400 Short Ring 2/pk FX500 Tall Ring 2/pk FX600 Wide Prep Ring 2/pk FX400 Blue (short) Ring - Used for premolars, pedo; any tooth with a short crown FX500 Orange (tall) Ring - Used for typical molars, taller teeth, or stacking over blue for MOD FX600 Green (wide prep) Ring - Used for extremely wide preps, missing cusps