Volume 9 • 2022 • Issue 6

VOCO Canada · toll-free 1-888-658-2584 · Fax 905-824-2788 · infousa@voco.com · www.voco.com Call 1-888-658-2584 89% fillers by weight: Outstanding wear resistance Enhanced color stability 30–50% less resin compared to classic hybrid and pseudo nano composite Low shrinkage of only 1.6 vol.% NON-STICKY Prolonged working time under ambient light Designer Nano particles: EXCELLENT POLISHABILITY AND POLISH RETENTION Tooth-like modulus of elasticity Tooth-like thermal expansion and flexural strength Data on File at www.vocoamerica.com 89% filled Universal Nano-Hybrid Composite : Built to Last 10 YEARS OF PROVEN PERFORMANCE, ESTHETICS AND SUPERIOR HANDLING BUILT ON TOOTH-LIKE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES