Volume 9 • 2022 • Issue 6

Dental Education in Canada: The Deans’ Perspective A Cross-Country Checkup with Canada’s Dental Schools Strong dental schools—which educate students to be outstanding dentists and undertake the research that supports evidence-based oral health care—are the bedrock of an effective oral health care system, a strong profession, and, ultimately, the oral health of Canadians. CDA Essentials reached out to the deans at the 10 dental schools across Canada to ask three questions: 1. What are you most proud of or excited about at your school right now? (“School pride”) 2. What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing dental education in Canada right now? (“Challenges”) 3. How has dental education changed in the last 5–10 years? How do you envision dental education evolving in the next 5–10 years? (“Evolution of dental education”) Here is what the deans had to say about the state of dental education in Canada and their visions of the future as the 2022–23 school year began. Answers have been edited for length and clarity. 22 | 2022 | Issue 6