CDA Essentials 2018 • Volume 5 • Issue 7

CDA at W ork a Simple Confidential Effective When an office submits a claim or pre­ determination, and diagnostic records are required, you will no longer have to send these by Canada Post or courier. CDA Secure Send can now be used to submit all ABC diagnostic records electronically. If diagnostic records (including images and reports) are required, this will be indicated on an electronic response or the explanation of benefits statement from ABC. To send diagnostic records to ABC, use the following steps: ➙ In CDA Secure Send, click “New Recipient” to add the Alberta Blue Cross email address . Please ensure that the email address is entered correctly. ➙ When sending diagnostic records, please indicate the patient’s full name and coverage number in the subject line. ➙ It is not necessary to use the CDA Secure Send password function. ➙ You will not be required to resubmit the claim or predetermination to ABC. The benefits of using CDAnet and CDA Secure Send—for both your office and your patients—include a faster turnaround on claims and predeterminations, reduced mailing costs, and no disruption to you or your patients in the event of a postal strike. ABC routinely requires diagnostic records for the following dental services: ✔ Anterior crowns and veneers (anterior teeth are considered to be from the first incisor up to and including the first bicuspid in each quadrant; teeth one to four). ✔ Inlays and onlays (all teeth). ✔ Implants (all teeth). ✔ Double pontics and retainers (where the procedure is being performed on consecutive teeth). a As of October, dental offices can securely submit electronic diagnostic records to Alberta Blue Cross (ABC) using CDA Secure Send. Alberta Blue Cross NowAccepts Diagnostic Records Using CDA Secure Send For more information on CDA Secure Send, visit or call the Practice Support Services (PSS) Help Desk at 1-866-788-1212. Dentists can subscribe to CDA Secure Send by visiting the CDA PSS website at . Dentists from Alberta must also complete the Information Manager Agreement available on the Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA+C) member website ( ) to comply with Alberta privacy regulations. 14 | 2018 | Issue 7